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Rebuilt Transfer Cases & Manual Transmissions

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OK Auto Parts offers a full line of rebuilt transfer cases and standard transmissions for cars and light to medium duty trucks. Most Chevrolet, Dodge and Ford trucks have transfer cases manufactured by New Process.

The New Process 246, 261LD, 261HD, 261XHD, 263HD & 263XHD that were offered in Chevrolet and GMC trucks and SUVs from 99-07 fail due to the oil pump rubbing a small hole in the rear case and slowly running out of oil (illustration 1a & 1b). When building these we modify the original design by cutting the tabs off the pump that rubs the case and adding a bracket with nylon bushings that fit into recesses of the case to prevent any rubbing from the pump (illustration's 2a 2b 2c). The 261 and 263 transfer cases have two problems with the original design. The pump rubs as described above and the synchronizer hub rides directly on the main shaft (illustration 3a through 3c). The only thing between the hub and the main shaft is a thin layer of oil. Over time this destroys the hub as well as the main shaft (illustration 4). This design flaw is overcome by machining the main shaft down and pressing bearings into the hub so that the hub now has roller bearings to rotate on and eliminate wear to the main shaft and hub (illustration 5). These are just some examples of changes that we make when rebuilding. Most all units have some type of defect in the original design that results in failure. We make all possible improvements on every unit that we build to prevent future failure.

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All of our rebuilt transfer cases and transmissions come with a 12 month 12K mile warranty.

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